September 6, 2016


Bill Case of Mergercoach

Bill Case of Mergercoach

Mergercoach was formed in January 1998 to serve a pressing marketplace need: helping clients add value to their companies following a business purchase and/or sale.

It has long been understood that more than 80% of all acquisitions fail to meet the financial or strategic objectives set for them. The vision of Mergercoach is to reverse this trend by providing a proven, scalable, and repeatable process to manage critical operational activities to shorten the transition. Mergercoach delivers 100% of its engagements using proven executives who have extensive experience – many are previous clients. We pride ourselves on delivering quick, hard-hitting solutions.

Mergercoach focuses on speed, building revenues and deepening cost reductions. We use a mentoring rather than a consulting model. Focusing on shared performance and results. The Mergercoach model overcomes known weaknesses of typical transition activities by employing deep knowledge of psychology, predictable dynamics, organizational change principles and highly disciplined project management.

Bill Case is the founder and managing director of Mergercoach. Bill is a coach who helps business owners and executives transition from “success to significance” in their businesses, lives, families and communities. As a successful wealth creator, through exiting his own business in 1995, Bill began coaching other owners and executives (over 400 individuals) through their own exits and helping them answer, “What’s next?” Prior to coaching, Bill spent 20 years in public accounting, corporate IT with a multi-national energy company and in merger & acquisition deal making.

Today, Bill offers a wide range of support – from individual life coaching, peer learning group leadership, to keynote speeches addressing the needs and concerns of the ultra-wealthy investor.

Bill Case has conducted workshops, lectures and seminars throughout the world for corporations, universities, non-profits and charitable organizations sharing his specialized knowledge. Bill is a sought-after corporate speaker and motivator and has previously founded TIGER 21 for ultra high net-worth investors and Vistage CEO groups in Dallas, TX.

Our Team:

The Mergercoach team, led by Bill Case, represents the very best mix of talent and experience needed to protect and achieve the expected value of the transaction. On average, our staff profile has over 20 years in corporate change management and executive decision-making with both domestic and international businesses. Industries include telecom, high-tech manufacturing and electronics, oil and gas, medical devices, IT services and consumer products. A cadre of former CEOs, VPs and Directors provide talent and the experience of having “been there themselves” in many cases. We are experts in the dynamics of large system interventions and help guide and advise executives in creating powerful results for their organizations. Clients gain tremendous confidence through our guidance that puts them and their organization exactly where they need to be to meet their goals. Take advantage of a mastermind of talent and experience and contact us.

Past Clients Include:

  • TIGER 21
  • Vistage/TEC
  • Womack
  • Peerless Mfg.
  • CareCycle Solutions
  • Dr. Pepper/Snapple
  • Amdahl
  • Battle Mountain Gold
  • Equifax National Decision Systems
  • Global Industrial Technologies
  • Hemlo Gold
  • InFocus
  • Millipore MicroElectronics
  • Proxima
  • Rohm GmbH
  • Rohm & Haas
  • Span Instruments
  • Stonebridge Technologies
  • Tylan General
  • VNU Marketing Information Systems