October 15, 2009


CommunicationLink™ is a proven system that, when used during times of significant change, engages all employees, delivers key messages at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner, and facilitates the deployment of the new strategic vision.

CommunicationLink™ focuses on three main categories of communication necessary during times of great change. MergerCoach works with our clients to customize a solution that effectively addresses these critical areas:

  1. Strategic – What is the new vision for the organization?
  2. Organizational – How will the organization’s structure shift?
  3. Operational – How will the day-to-day operations be affected?

Getting the word out to the organization, suppliers & customers – sooner rather than later – that these issues are being addressed will keep your employees focused on maintaining productivity, rather than on speculating as to what’s around the corner. People can rally around a vision as long as they understand what tomorrow holds and how that impacts today.