October 15, 2009

Customer Relationships

During a transition the sales force and others who interact most with the outside world are often confused about what is expected, unclear about what to say or do, and uncertain about the future. As a result the customer is neglected, or worse: treated to tales of misgivings about what is happening. Customers begin to wonder if anyone knows what is going on. They begin to doubt that their own needs will be considered during this chaotic time, looking elsewhere for someone who can assure them they will get what they want, when they want it, at the price they want, with the service they deserve. Loyal customers begin to fall away. Revenues drop.

To keep customers committed and revenues strong make solid decisions and communicate them. Changing customer strategy or product mix takes time, and service levels are impacted. Keeping the customer connected and involved provides invaluable information and encourages them to stay committed to you. Though service levels will change, they don’t have to drop.