May 2, 2010


Over the last ten years, our clients have constantly presented our team with a dilemma: Executives in the throes of a merger desperately needed personal advice and counseling. These executives valued an objective, trusted third-party opinion when wrestling with critical business and personal issues. When they leveraged a third party coach, the result was a skyrocketing in personal performance. They recognized their “defining moments” and took advantage of them. Merger Coaching has evolved into one-on-one assistance designed to increase leadership competency and engage and retain key contributors during a merger. This is done by very experienced Merger Coaches, using a field-tested, proven, metric-based methodology that drives toward the desired outcome or goal (typical integration goals include speed, cost savings, revenue improvements, and employee retention). The merger coaching process incorporates leadership development, coaching techniques and outcomes, and suggestions for managing the predictable dynamics created by a merger.

“Time Span” is an entirely new way of architecting organizations. Time Span evaluation is the length of time that a person can work into the future, without direction, using their own discretionary judgment to achieve a specific goal. It is an objective measure of capability and a cornerstone for delegation. Merger Coach helps you navigate along a trailblazing path, defining each individual’s Time Span in your organization and learning how to utilize their outlook.

Primary Results: Two days of total immersion for your team – start fast and start right!; Speed – get the heavy lifting done within 90 days; Avoid the 84% failure rate; Get the right organization the first time

The primary results achieved within Strategy Implementation are to: Drive out the key products, services, and target markets for the ensuing two to three-year window; Understand, agree on, and articulate the basic organizational beliefs; Craft a formal Product Roadmap; Plan for the successful implementation of the determined Strategy; Drive out a communications plan to inform, encourage, and inspire all stakeholder areas.

Blueprint is a one-year, results-oriented program designed around a process to lead quality organizations to a new level of success. The focus is to help organizations to become self-reliant in affecting positive changes in their organization not just one time, but continually.

Merger Coach analyzes 18 key touch points between buyer & seller that must be carefully assessed during due-diligence to ensure you price your deal right and reduce transition risk exposure.

Simply put, merger coaching consists of a series of intensive, structured, one-on-one (face-to-face, electronic, telephone…) interactions between an executive and a highly experienced & specialized m&a coach aimed at enhancing performance and overall effectiveness. Due to its intensive nature, this type of coaching is most effective during the 6 – 8 month transition period following an m&a transaction.

Leadership is a high maintenance endeavor. Now more than ever, businesses are looking to their key leaders to help drive results. The Rainmaker Executive Business Coaching program provides continuous, accelerated and practical business leadership support that can be put into practice immediately.