May 26, 2010

HR Time Span Tool

What if you could get a seat at the table during your acquisition integration? If HR became the pivot point of the deal? Welcome to a game changing technology called Time Span. It’s an entirely new way of architecting organizations. It’s the scalpel you’ve sought to sculpt organizational integrity and it is so obvious, it’s easy to miss.

Time Span evaluation is the length of time that a person can work into the future, without direction, using their own discretionary judgment to achieve a specific goal. It is an objective measure of capability and a cornerstone for delegation.

MergerCoach helps you assess along a trailblazing path, defining each individual’s Time Span as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5’s, designations called “Strata” which have to do with how people think about and utilize time. It’s not about intelligence, although higher stratas do correlate with high intelligence.

The Time Span Stratas

“1” People have a today outlook. They are concerned with what needs to be done right now. Any position which requires focus on the here and now – from flying an airplane to answering calls in a service center – is a great bet for 1 stratas.  They are happiest with short term focus, drills that have a clear beginning, middle and end.

“2” People think in terms of this week, or this month.  They are action oriented, enjoy the challenges of the week and execute well. They will become uncomfortable with long term plans, and function best with projects of up to a month duration.

80% of all people are “1” or “2.”

“3” People think in terms of six months and are good planners and strategizers. This strata will manage projects well and can create blueprints for sophisticated initiatives.

10% of all people are “3.”

“4” People are oriented longer, and think in terms of years. They make great  leaders with long term vision and the power to implement it. Give them the wheel and they’ll set direction.

“5” People are transformational thinkers. Their time span may go out decades. This is where “visionary” begins. If you have people who are 5 and above in your organization, identify them and do everything you can to keep them.

“6” and “7” people are just .010 of the population. Their time span is generational in that they consider their legacy for their grandchildren or potentially longer. These are people that change the planet.

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