November 3, 2009

Team Briefings

Post Deal Workshop

After being involved in over 300 transactions, we have learned something. Your organization is now swimming in uncertainty. It takes a few counter-intuitive moves to engage people and safely get them moving. Otherwise, this usually triggers costly problems before the deal is done and well into the integration. If unaddressed, productivity, quality, customer service, talent retention, and, ultimately, profitability suffer. 84% of the time, it dooms the chances for a successful deal. Give the team a fighting chance – you will reap the rewards and it will be the best money you spent (it’s guaranteed!)

Topics Addressed

  • Announcement-to-close dynamics
  • Clarification of priorities
  • What to say and how to say it
  • How to protect the value of the deal
  • Counter-intuitive moves

Key Objectives (how to’s)

  • How to quickly get the “right” organization structure
  • How to re-define the culture, engage and retain key players and cut the one’s you don’t want
  • Set the right expectations about the integration process and how to minimize the complexities
  • Identify the correct synergies and get them quickly with an effective integration plan
  • How to use proven, time-tested communication templates to answer more answers than there are questions
  • How to keep the organization engaged and focused despite distractions
  • Instruct on how to “wait and do” rather than “wait and see” while the integration is being planned
  • How to use merger integration techniques following an acquisition
  • How to make the transaction “personal” to everyone in the organization
  • How to load and get excellence out of the new organization


  • M&A project integration templates
  • Communication templates
  • Organization gearing
  • Culture redefinition
  • Blueprint for Excellence

Primary Result

  • Two days of total immersion for your team – start fast and start right!
  • Speed – get the heavy lifting done within 90 days
  • Avoid the 84% failure rate
  • Get the right organization the first time


Based on attendees and tools required. Contact a MergerCoach now!