December 15, 2011

Coaching Sessions

Over the last five years, our clients have constantly presented our team with a dilemma: Executives in the throes of a merger desperately needed personal advice and counseling.

These executives valued an objective, trusted third-party opinion when wrestling with critical business and personal issues. When they leveraged a third party coach, the result was a skyrocketing in personal performance. They recognized their “defining moments” and took advantage of them.

Merger Coaching has evolved into one-on-one assistance designed to increase leadership competency and engage and retain key contributors during a merger. This is done by very experienced Merger Coaches, using a field-tested, proven, metric-based methodology that drives toward the desired outcome or goal (typical integration goals include speed, cost savings, revenue improvements, and employee retention).

The merger coaching process incorporates leadership development, coaching techniques and outcomes, and suggestions for managing the predictable dynamics created by a merger.