October 14, 2009


“With MergerCoach’s expert staff and tools we completed the integration in less than half the time, avoided costly mistakes, and discovered an additional $10 million in savings.”

–Jim Sherriff, CEO, Stonebridge Technologies

“The real value in hiring Merger Coach was that we couldn’t afford to waste time shooting from the hip on our integration. We saw no reason to reinvent the wheel when we were already talking to the company that created it.”

–Sue Thompson, Vice President, InFocus

“There was a defining moment when the strategic implications became clear. The market demanded a course of action we had never considered. The [MergerCoach] process helped drive through the difficult considerations and kept the decisions focused.”

–Robert Hall, CEO, Customer Analytics

“Bill will help a business leader achieve better results than others can. He was invaluable to me and I hold him in the highest regard.”

-Kevin Bruce, CEO & Founder, ValueQuest, LLC

“I have been to a lot of seminars talking about planning and excellence but this really brought it home in an easily understandable concept.”

-Mike Matz, President of Western Plains Machinery

“The retreat was a great way to get away from the daily grind and think about the ways we can move our organization to the next level. I’m really excited to apply the things I learned here, not only at work, but to life in general.”

-Lori Ladas, New West Health Services

“I would recommend this program to any business owner that wants to see their organization achieve more. It provides a step-by-step process for moving a business forward in a significant way. I wish I had this years ago.”

-Toni Broadbent, Owner of Insty-Prints and Century Printers

“I’ve been to a lot of training, but this program is different than most. It’s not something that you will go back and put on the shelf – the principles taught will become a part of you, and those in your organization will benefit individually and collectively.”

-Jim Maierle, President of Morrison-Maierle, Inc

“It’s not often that a program is so sound in its principles that it can benefit any type of organization. The Blueprint program is one that any organization – For Profit or Not For Profit – can benefit from. I’m glad I’m involved.”

-Linda Reed, Executive Director of Montana Community Foundation

“What impresses me about the Blueprint program is that it moves well beyond theory and gives you the knowledge and tools to do things today – things that can literally change the performance of any organization.”

-Thomas McCarvel, Vice President of Carroll College

“We have internal teams that have been working on goals and projects for the past year. The Blueprint for Excellence process has given us the standardization, tools and accountability for those teams to accomplish much more in a lot less time. The program is solid and the impact is real.”

-Ray Basta, Executive Vice President of Big Sky Carvers