YPO, Young Presidents Organization and Investors

If you’ve been a member of YPO, the Young President’s Organization or WPO, the World President’s Organization, then you know how transformational the experience of connecting with your peers can be in a close, confidential setting. Now imagine that instead of discussing your career as an entrepreneur/owner or CEO, you were part of a similar organization for investors, a group composed of high net worth individuals who are heavily involved in managing their own assets.

If you have enjoyed your YPO or WPO experience Tiger 21 membership is a natural next step. Tiger 21 meets in small, 12-14 person groups one day a month, just like Young President’s Organization, and you form close bonds with other members. Tiger 21 meetings are facilitated by professional chairs and feature presentations from well known speakers, processes such as “Porfolio Defense” (where other members closely review your portfolio) and timely discussion of world and personal events as they pertain to your investments, and issues of personal wealth management.

The other members have been there, done that, and provide an agenda free, supportive peer environment. It’s that one place where no one is trying to sell you something. The value of accessing other members’ intelligence and collective experience is priceless, and the relationships made can last for life. And of course your portfolio is a primary beneficiary. Contact us today to learn more.